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Do you search for a superior dryer vent cleaning service? Luckily, you have already reached. Welcome to Carpet Cleaning Katy Texas, that offers 1st Notch dryer vent cleaning service across Katy TX.

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We are a wide range of first-class carpet and rug cleaning, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning service, upholstery cleaning, & water damage restoration that seek to offer fresh air, shiny floor, safe atmosphere, and attractive look for each house and office in Katy Texas.

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Certified Cleaners
For more than 15 years, our certified cleaners have served Katy TX to teach the other companies how customer service should be.
Free-Estimate Services
We offer you free-estimate services, which will assure you that all the services we offer are at a cheap cost are at a cheap cost.
Well-Equipped Services
Our vans have been equipped with the newest hardware and the advanced tools to follow the latest techniques in offering our services
Satisfaction Guaranteed
High- rated carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, furniture cleaning, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning offer you top results.

Why Our Service Is Cheap?

First-Rate dryer vent cleaning service offers +online coupons and exclusive discounts to save your protection and your wallet at the same time. Call Carpet Cleaning Katy Texas, for its affordable dryer vent cleaning service.

How We Clean Your Dryer Deeply!

Carpet Cleaning Katy Texas is a team of +licensed dryer lint cleaners who have experience exceeds 15 years in cleaning dryer vents. That’s why they know well how to clean dryer vent from outside to the deepest places to achieve the complete cleaning, unscrewing each part to clean effectively then install professionally.
And know how to fix any issue that may face them while the cleaning process, using the latest special tools for that.

1st Rate Dryer Vent Cleaning Avoids You Risks!

There are signs refer that your house is in danger of being one of the houses that will face fires this year. As each year, around 1500 houses in the U.S face fires as a result of having clogged dryer vent. How?

How Dryer Vents Can Occur a Hassle of Fire

Your dryer machine works by producing heat to dry the damp clothes, and in the end, this machine fires this heat and wet out of it by the dryer vents. In fact, your wet clothes carry a huge amount of lint that becomes free when clothes become dry to locate inside your dryer.

So when this lint –that in common huge amount of it escapes from lint trap to place in the dryer vents and ducts- accumulates in the air duct, it prevents the airflow, which causes in overheating the dryer.

So, this heat reacts with the flammable fiber, which is called lint to cause in huge fire hits the whole house and put you in danger.

No dear, there is no need for worry as the best dryer vent cleaning service near you and locally-placed in Katy, TX.

Just call Carpet Cleaning Katy Texas, for the best techniques for deep cleaning and professional repairs, using the latest machines, including “video inspection camera” to notice the full places with lint and other unique tools to ensure that there is no particle of lint at your dryer anymore.

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