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Area Rug Shampooing

Rug Cleaning Katy Texas

Carpet Cleaning Katy TX will make sure to also offer the best area rug cleaning at affordable pricing. Every specialized type of rug requires a cleaning that is gentle, but also thorough enough to clean rugs effectively.

Are you concerned with how professionals handle your favorite and expensive rugs? Our technicians are certified and go above and beyond customer expectations to provide you’re with the best possible area rug cleaning. Do you have an Oriental, Wool, or Persian rug? Carpet Cleaning Katy rug washing has been raved about by all of our customers. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation!

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Gentle and Powerful Rug Cleansing

Certain steps must be taken in order to ensure that rug dry cleaning is done properly. To start off, our mechanical duster beats the rug as it is vacuumed, removing a vast amount of particles. These dry particles include hair, dust, and allergens.

ARea Rug Stain removal

Children are notorious for causing messes unintentionally. They may have colored on your favorite area rug or that spill proof cup you bought turns out to not be so “spill proof” after all. Instead of throwing them away, try a cost saving method of having your tapestry professionally cleaned.

With soiled rugs from your pets, our employees will focus and zone in on specific areas rather than doing a general cleaning. We make sure to get the job done right the first time by making sure that we take our time. Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. Give Carpet Cleaning Katy a call now.

Carpet Cleaning Katy Texas specializes in using the best rug stain removal methods. Are you puzzled at how to get stains out of rugs? Contact us today! The longer you let a stain sit in your rug the harder it is to remove. Our specialized spot remover will leave your floors looking brand new and immaculate.

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